"Pathogen" CE-20 Demo Mp3

If you are looking for an FM retro synth sound, these patches may be for you. Check out this demo and see what you think.

All the synth sounds on "Pathogen" were produced using samples from the CE-20 Reboot pack, which is available from this online shop.


It was produced in Reason 7.1 by Neil Paddock from James's original midi and the final mix was mastered with T-RackS3.

The original version of this "Cool Kraftwerk-ish dance track" can be heard on YouTube here:

The CE-20 Combo Ensemble was the first FM synth built by Yamaha and was released in 1982, prior to the more famous DX-7.

CE-20 has some great string sounds, which lend themselves to being enhanced with reverb, filters and chorus.

Bring an original touch to your music productions with ce-20 Reboot from howtoprogramdrums.com

This CE-20 Reboot Remix of Pathogen is created from the samples in our CE-20 Reboot available here at our shop

1) SFZ(Alchemy) & Kontakt edition


2) Reason Reboot

If you like this track, then be sure to check out and stream James's other midi music at Bandcamp from:

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