Toccata and Fugue in D Minor - J S Bach(Mp3 Download)

The classic organ piece by Johann Sebastian Bach, as featured in the 1925 film "The Phantom Of The Opera".

My understanding is that this very piece of organ music was used in the Hollywood Horror Film Ballet of Blood by Jared Masters - There's a preview here: Ballet of Blood Preview (YouTube):

Recorded in Reason 7.1 by importing the midi file created by Kenneth T Settlemyer Jr. (available from

This track uses 16 bit samples based on the 3.2 Gigabyte FREE 24 bit Leeds Town Hall Organ sample pack available from - 16 bit conversion and mp3 rendered in Goldwave.
This piece was put together to "road test" the authenticity of the sounds of the Free sample pack created by Samplephonics for Propellerhead Software's Reason.

Note: The 16 bit samples used here are available from, in 125 - 200mb chunks for easy download, for licenced Reason users only. Available with permission from Samplephonics. Check out Samplephonics on Soundcloud@samplephonics for more Free Stuff. This mp3 uses Preset 5 from the pack, crafted by Dr. Simon Lindley, Organist at Leeds Town Hall and Leeds Parish Church. Copyright remains the property of all respective holders.

This track can be heard in its entirety at:

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