ESQ-1 Reboot VPC-1B (81-120) REASON REFILL

A Full Reason Refill of 40 Patches totalling 160MB - This is VPC-1 CART B, another 40 patches re-sampled from the original ESQ-1 Cartridges.

The sound demo for BANK 1: Patches 81-90 is available here:

Ten re-sampled voices from VPC-1B

81 HRPSI3 (Harpsichord)
82 PIPEOR (Pipe Organ)
83 SW BRS (Sweeping Brass)
84 BASS.T (Bass Guitar)
85 TOYPNO (Toy Piano)
86 AUHARP (Harp)
87 FLUTE (Flute)
88 ALLOY2 (Metallic Synth)
89 AMCALL (Alarm)
90 F-111 (Fighter Jet - Sound FX)

The sound demo for BANK 2: Patches 91-100 is available here:

91 ELZPNO (Electric Piano)
92 FLTORG (Flutey Organ)
93 REGAL1 (Brassy Synth)
94 DRAG (Short synth bass - for arppegios)
95 MRIMVX (Sounds like a Jew's Harp)
96 DULCI2 (Dulcimer)
97 NYMPH (Bell like synth)
98 BELRES (Bell bass)
99 SQRBEN (Like a chime)
100 GONG1 (Great Gong sound!)

The sound demo for BANK 3: Patches 101-110 is available here:

101 #LAYER (Layered PolySynth)
102 ACRDON (Accordion)
103 MINIM2 (Mini Moog)
104 RUFBAS (Rough Bass)
105 VELDRM (Percussion)
106 BANJO (Banjo style synth)
107 BASOON (Reedy synth)
108 WASH (Glassy Synth)
109 AFTGLO (Atmospheric synth)
110 PUTERS (Sound FX)

The final sound demo (for sounds - BANK 4 - Patches 111-120) is available here:

111 BELKBD (Bell Keyboard)
112 BASIC (Sine wave)
113 SYNLED (Lead Polysynth)
114 GROWL (Deep Bassy Synth)
115 KRUMBA (Bell type sound)
116 WHLPLK (Percussion)
117 SHOU 2 (Brassy Synth)
118 BEDTME (Chimes)
119 METBAR (like a Vibraphone)
120 LAUGHS (Sound FX)

What to hear more? The Ensoniq ESQ-1 VPC-1 Set was originally released in 1987 as an 80 Voice Cartridge, with 40 Voices on CART A and a further 40 on CART B, each arranged into 4 BANKS of 10. You can check out CART A here:

To hear what the companion set VPC-1A Reason Refill / Kontakt Version / sfz version sounds like, click the following link:

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