DTX-Exploded! The Complete Reason Refill (32 Kits for Kong)

Reason Users will enjoy using these re-sampled sounds from the popular DTXPLORER Electronic Drum Kit in their music productions.

Each sound has been re-sampled, and each kit carefully mapped for the Kong Drum Machine in Reason, to sound and behave as much like the original DTXPLORER factory kits as possible.

The good news is: Now you don't actually need to be a drummer to use the sounds!

This Reason Refill pack has 4 demo songs, each containing 8 Kong Kits.

** Created and tested with Reason 7.1 **

You can listen to the actual Kong sound demos here:






1) Acoustic, 2) Rock, 3) Studio, 4) HipHop R&B, 5) Vinyl, 6) Vintage, 7) Break & 8) Groove Kits 9) Mixed Voice 10) Mellow Club 11) Loop Session 12) Acoustic Funk 13) World Kit 14) Cool Hip 15) Analog Kit 16) Techno Kit 17) Deep Kit 18) Drumn'Bass Kit 19) All Round Kit 20) Power Beat Kit 21) Hornsgroove Kit 22) Electro Kit 23) Jazz Kit & 24) Light Shot Kit 25) Tabla Kit 26) Ethnic Kit 27) Room Kit 28) Reggae Kit 29) Ballad Kit 30) Brush Kit 31) LatinPercs 1 Kit & 32) LatinPercs 2 Kit.

You can watch our full demo of the DTXPLORER Electronic Drum Kit here:


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