DTX-Exploded! Set 1: Kits (01-08) REASON REFILL

Reason Users will enjoy using these re-sampled sounds from the popular DTXPLORER Electronic Drum Kit in their music productions.

Each sound has been re-sampled, and each kit carefully mapped for the Kong Drum Machine in Reason, to sound as much like the original DTXPLORER kit as possible.

The good news is: Now you don't actually need to be a drummer to use the sounds!

Each Reason Refill pack has a demo song containing 8 Kong Kits.

** Created and tested with Reason 7.1 **

You can listen to the sound demos here:



1) Acoustic, 2) Rock, 3) Studio, 4) HipHop R&B, 5) Vinyl, 6) Vintage, 7) Break & 8) Groove Kits.

You can watch our full demo of the DTXPLORER Electronic Drum Kit here:


If you are NOT a Reason user, have a look at this Kontakt & sfz version instead:


1 ZIP and 1 TXT
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