Scanned Synthesis Reason Reboot

The “Scanned Synthesis Reason Reboot" (formerly known as Scanned Synthesis 2) was compiled with the kind permission of John Proctor of Humanoid Sound Systems and features a collection of 30 patches sampled using Extreme Sample Converter and mapped to Reason's NN-XT Sampler. Combinator patches and demo songs by Neil Paddock and James Paddock are also included. James Paddock also helped out with the Combinator artwork.

BONUS Combinator artwork: You will also receive some additional Combinator backdrops to use with the original Refill.

Note: This is for licenced Propellerhead Reason Users only. These are the same thirty patches which are also available as "Anamorphic Cinema Reboot" for Kontakt & SFZ (RED Edition), in Soundfont format (GREEN Edition) and for Camel Audio's Alchemy & SFZ (BLUE Edition). These are currently Free to the first ten users who download them. If you don't own Reason, simply grab one of the "Anamorphic Cinema Reboot" sets for your preferred format using the links above and you will be good to go.

I created a video which previews the 30 patches which you can watch here:

The thirty re-sampled patches are based on these original patches, created by leading sound designers for the Scanned Synth project.

01) BASS BeefyDigi
02) BASS BigBottomEnd
03) BASS Digitalis
04) FX Fuerte
05) LEAD BobAndWeave
06) LEAD Glass House
07) LEAD Gordon
08) LEAD Oboean
09) LEAD Ozricky
10) LEAD SetToStun
11) LEAD Viruzite
12) PAD Alias
13) PAD ArkDecimator
14) PAD Big Saw
15) PAD Bonita Fader
16) PAD Cinemascope (John's personal all-time favourite)
17) PAD CyberneticCellos
18) PAD DarkNebula
19) PAD FalseHope
20) PAD GrooveKordz
21) PAD Harmonium
22) PAD HiveMind
23) PAD MartianSunrise
24) PAD Mystery
25) PAD Overtones Loud
26) PAD Overtones Soft
27) PAD SeaOfEmotions
28) PAD Sonority
29) PAD StonedOutCyborgs
30) PAD WarTornMecha



I did not create Scanned Synth Pro, nor did I design any of the original sounds.
I have simply re-sampled the sounds so they can be used in Reason's NN-XT sampler and other sample players. I also set up the combinator patches and created the demo songs.

The Anamorphic Cinema patch set, based on the same core sounds and patches in this Reason Refill, was created in conjunction with John Proctor and is also available now from this e-shop.

All credit goes to the original Scanned Synth project team for the synth, the artwork and the original sound design.

Concept and Development: John Proctor
GUI: Berend Vervelde
Sound Design: Bryan Lee, Tim Conrardy, Daniel Maurer, Oliver Stummer, MuSing, Arksun, John Proctor


If you like this patch set, check out Scanned Synth Pro VST (soft synth), Free Enzyme Player and the Award Winning Enzyme VST (soft) synth at the Humanoid Sound Systems website.


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