ESQ-1 Reboot VPC-1A (01-10)

VPC-1A Set 1 of 3: (01-10) The Resampled Retro Reboot!

**Note: Now available right here. **

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10 FREE Synthesizer Patches - Re-sampled from the original Ensoniq ESQ-1 factory cartridges.

Here's a Soundcloud Demo that uses them all

1) TPIANO (Piano)

2) BEGONE (Organ)

3) HRNSEC (Horns)

4) STRBAS (String bass)

5) KICK 2 (Kick Drum)

6) PNOSTR (Piano Strings)

7) SING6 (Voice)

8) KIEV (Synth in fifths)

9) ICEPOP (Percussive)

10) SEGULS (Sound FX)

Here's the individual sounds for this pack:

Check out all 40 VPC-1A Patches in our Soundcloud Playlist - Reason Refill available soon!

Grab yourself some classic 80's Retro synth pianos, organs and sound effects with this Reboot - Reformatted for use with Kontakt and SFZ compatible samplers such as Dimension Pro, Rapture and the Free Alchemy Player.

73MB Zipped

**Note: Now available right here. **

P.S. You can also grab the new re-sampled VPC-1B Set (another 40 patches) from here:

2 TXT and 2 ZIP
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