ESQ-1 Reboot VPC-1A (11-20)

VPC-1A Set 2 of 3: (11-20) The Resampled Retro Reboot!

10 FREE Synthesizer Patches - Re-sampled from the original Ensoniq ESQ-1 factory cartridge sounds.

1) MCROAD (Rhodes Piano)

2) PORGN2 (Organ)

3) 5OFSWE (Strings)

4) VOXBAS (Voice Bass)

5) HI HAT (Percussion)

6) STRNG2 (Strings)

7) SAPRNO (Voice)

8) FRIDAY (Keyboard/Piano)

9) PECKBD (Percussive Keyboard)

10) LANDNG (Special FX - Alien Spaceship landing)

Grab yourself some classic 80's Retro synthesized/programmed pianos, organs and sound effects with this Reboot - Reformatted for use with Kontakt and SFZ compatible samplers - such as Dimension Pro, Rapture and the Free Alchemy Player.

88MB Zipped

2 TXT and 2 ZIP
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