Drum Masters Video Drum Lessons by Robert Litten (6 DVD set)

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These videos by online drumming expert Robert Litten of drumstheword.com are an excellent and unique resource for both drumming students and drum tutors alike.

This 6 DVD set will show you how to play popular songs on the drums, beat for beat, and note for note. Learn classic songs as played by Foo Fighters, Metallica, Nirvana and many others!

You will also get PDFs of Music Notation to accompany the videos, so you can follow along and read as you play!

Rob's DrumsTheWord YouTube Channel now has over 47,000 Subscribers and over 7.1 Million video views!

As a drummer myself for well over 30 years I am excited to bring you the exact same videos that Rob Litten sells directly from drumstheword.com

Without the hassle of having to wait for days for the set to be shipped from the UK, and without hours of downloading!

Rob's teaching approach will have you playing some classic tracks in next to no time at all.

Every beat and fill is meticulously broken down, explained and played for you in Rob's entertaining and informative style.

Expertly written (Drum) Music Notation is also provided in PDF format, so you will get to read Drum Music too!

By special arrangement with the owner of DrumsTheWord.com, Robert Litten himself, you can now buy these DVD sets directly in Australia through this exclusive distribution outlet and a few selected stores in Western Australia.

Note: This is the one and only 100% genuine officially approved distribution channel and source in Australia that you can buy these DVDs from – they are 100% certified and approved.

This is a one of a kind set worth many times it's asking price – Go on, treat yourself!

[Note: This is for Australian Customers Only - Please do not bid or buy if you do not have an Australian postal address - Thank you]

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