RX-17 Reboot (Wav Rcy Rx2 Sfz Nki & Mid)

If you have ever heard a classic 80's drum machine like a Yamaha RX-17 and wanted to use its patterns in your music productions, now you can!


1) SAMPLES: The original 26 Yamaha RX-17 sounds have been freshly re-sampled in mono and stereo, and come in normalised and unnormalised "flavours". Additionally, some extra GM midi samples from DTXPLORER and our own studio percussion have been added to give this a bit of extra versatility and play GM percussion 'straight out of the box' (incl. handclaps, guiros, shaker, cabasa).

2) RCYS: MONO rex loops [.RCY] based on the RX-17 Factory patterns 50-99 at 120bpm (Mark 1 rex loops) The combined drum and percussion loops are provided and they are also split into drums only and percussion only. Note: These are early prototype samples - they are lo-fi and may require some EQ for best results.

3) REX LOOPS: The updated rx2 rex loops [.RX2] of the factory patterns 50-99 at 120bpm (Mark 2 rex loops).

4) WAVS: The RX-17 Factory patterns 50-99 at 120bpm (as per the Rex Loops, without the slices). Wavs are also included of the original rcy files. Wavs based on the original .rcy files are also included - they are lo-fi and may require some EQ for best results.

5) An SFZ file for use with Cakewalk's synths (Dimension LE, Dimension Pro, Rapture, Session Drummer 2 and Camel Audio's free Alchemy Player)

6) A Prog file for Cakewalk's Session Drummer 2, Rapture and Dimension Pro.

(They are basically programs saved after loading the .sfz file into them and saving it as a .prog file)

7) BONUS: I have also added a midi file of the (most of) the factory patterns at 120bpm

8) Self contained KONTAKT UPDATE PATCH (as per the FREE edition) is now available as a SEPARATE ZIP FILE.

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