How To Program Your First Drum Pattern (PDF, Kindle, i-Pad)

Do you need a different drummer?

This single chapter e-book is aimed at complete beginners to music production, or at least "newbies" in the world of drumming and drum programming.

It will appeal to songwriters and musicians who do not have regular access to a drummer or an acoustic drum kit - who want to try drum programming for themselves for the first time.

I will to walk you through the process of programming your very first drum pattern from scratch - in 5 minutes or less.

This 19 page e-book provides a broad overview of all the things you will need to be familiar with in order to make more music, more easily, and how to play along with - or even as - that different drummer. It's both theoretical and practical. If you want to dive straight in – skip the theory and program in your first pattern - go directly to page 12.

Are you ready to amaze yourself?

Come on in and make some noise!

PDF and PRC Versions (for Kindle and i-Pad)



The Essentials

Time Signatures

Song Structures

Musical Notes and how to count them

Drum Machines

Drum Patterns and Charts

Anatomy of an Acoustic Drum Kit

Drum Fills


Our first drum pattern


Program your own beat




A message from the author


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