The Best Drum Machines Ever e-Book (PDF, Kindle, i-Pad)

By Neil Paddock

Update: There's also a.prc file of the e-book you can open with Mobipocket Reader or Kindle software. It works with i-Pad too.

This 26 page e-book describes many of the drum machines I have used over the years in my studio. There are clear recommendations on Free software drum machines based on my personal favourites, and the best picks of both Hardware and Software.

It also lists a whole bunch of useful links for external websites to find audio loops and other goodies.

Even if you disagree with some of my choices, there's plenty of bits and pieces to try out for yourself.

Let me point you in the right direction with this comprehensive guide.

It's Free! Check it out.

Formats: PDF (Zipped) / .prc (Unzipped)

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