Tick Tick Patterns (for Reason 7+)

This is a little FREE pack I put together for the Tick Tick Step Sequencer Rack Extension (RE) by Josh Levy.

You will need to be a registered Reason User (Reason 7.0 and above) to use these, and you will need to have bought the Tick Tick Rack Extension from the Propellerhead Shop, the link for which is here:


In this pack there's a few patterns from the Kawai R-50, some from the Yamaha RX-17 and a few other bits and pieces from a Yamaha PSR-2000 as well as some latin beats.

There's a [default] General Midi Kong template which after many hours, I decided was the optimal template to have. It should save you hours of figuring out how to get GM midi drum files to work!

There's also a [default] General Midi Tick Tick Template to go with the Kong Template.

There's also an installation file and End User Licence Agreement (EULA).

Drop me an email if you are interested in more of these, I have tons of them (hundreds in fact).

If there's enough interest I will create a $5 or $10 pack.

Note: I am not affiliated with nor endorsed by Josh Levy (the creator of Tick Tick) or Propellerhead Software AB (the creator of Reason).

Merry Christmas!

Kindest Regards

Neil Paddock

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