DD-5 Reboot (Wav, Rcy, Rx2 & sfz files)

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This Free DD-5 Reboot from howtoprogramdrums.com features PCM wave samples and rex loops from the Yamaha DD-5 Digital Drum kit. It comes with some gritty lo-fi samples and loops (.wav, .rcy and .rx2) of the original 30 preset factory patterns. I have also added a full set of General Midi (GM) Percussion Samples in 16 bit .wav format - so you have a complete general midi percussion set thrown in to use with your DD-5 kit.

CONTENTS OF “BASIC" FREE DD-5 REBOOT – (For use with any DAW, including Reaper, Mixcraft and Reason 7+)

  • 46 Normalised (16 bit, 44100 Hz Wave PCM) (.wav) files for a full DD-5 kit + GM Percussion (Made up of carefully chosen DD-5, DTXPLORER, RX-17 samples and a few “home grown" percussion samples)
  • 30 Rex loops for each of the 30 factory patterns at 120bpm created in Recycle Lite, Mono, Rex Loop Mark I (.rcy) format
  • 30 Rex loops for each of the 30 factory patterns at 120bpm created in Reason 7.1, Rex Loop Mark II (.rx2) format
  • 30 (16 bit, 44100 Hz Wave PCM) normalised (.wav) files for each of the 30 factory patterns at 120 bpm
  • SFZ Script file to run samples with various SFZ supported samplers, e.g. sfz, Dimension LE, Dimension Pro, Rapture and Alchemy Player
  • DD-5 Kit + GM TEST.prog preset that works with Dimension Pro based on enclosed SFZ Script file
  • README (includes Terms and Conditions and EULA)

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