Anamorphic Cinema for Alchemy (Scanned Synth Pro)

Update: It would appear that Camel Audio, the developers of Alchemy have been purchased by Apple. Their website no longer hosts the Alchemy software to buy, and it will remain up until July 2015. Existing customers are encouraged to download their software as a backup.

If you already have the full version of Alchemy have acquired the Free Alchemy Player via Computer Music Magazine this patch set is still worth a download. Sfz scripts are also included so you can still use it with a free sfz player like sfzforzando from Bedroom Producers Blog.

Developer John Proctor's 30 favourite patches from Scanned Synth Pro.

30 of the very best Scanned Synthesis patches in existence!

The thirty re-sampled patches are based on these original patches, created by leading sound designers for the Scanned Synth project.

01) BASS BeefyDigi
02) BASS BigBottomEnd
03) BASS Digitalis
04) FX Fuerte
05) LEAD BobAndWeave
06) LEAD Glass House
07) LEAD Gordon
08) LEAD Oboean
09) LEAD Ozricky
10) LEAD SetToStun
11) LEAD Viruzite
12) PAD Alias
13) PAD ArkDecimator
14) PAD Big Saw
15) PAD Bonita Fader
16) PAD Cinemascope (John's personal all-time favourite)
17) PAD CyberneticCellos
18) PAD DarkNebula
19) PAD FalseHope
20) PAD GrooveKordz
21) PAD Harmonium
22) PAD HiveMind
23) PAD MartianSunrise
24) PAD Mystery
25) PAD Overtones Loud
26) PAD Overtones Soft
27) PAD SeaOfEmotions
28) PAD Sonority
29) PAD StonedOutCyborgs
30) PAD WarTornMecha

Anamorphic Cinema is a unique hybrid of rawness and sophistication, capturing the internal richness and movement of scanned synthesis. It brings you pads that are rich and analogue in character, or airy and machine-like, plus leads featuring screaming filters, wheezing tubes, struck glass, and bags of retro attitude, and wiry, metallic, filth-laden basses tortured from wire and rust.

Starting life as 121Mb of detailed multi-samples captured from Humanoid Sound Systems' Scanned Synth Pro, the sounds of Anamorphic Cinema have subsequently been enhanced by Alchemy filters, extensive modulation options, real-time performance controls and extra effects, to produce a library that will work perfectly across a host of genres including electronica and ambient, through to more aggressive styles such as industrial and dubstep.

YouTube Video Demo of the Sounds:

Number of sounds: 30 (240 Variations).
Sound Categories: 19 pads, 7 leads 3 basses, and 1 effect.
Genres: Electronica, Soundtrack, Industrial, Dubstep, Glitch.
Sound Designer: Neil Paddock, Bryan Lee.
Download Size: 121MB.
Requirements: Alchemy (Not Alchemy player).

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