James Paddock Midi Drum Tracks Mega Pack

"Get yourself a different drummer!"

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Use this MIDI MEGA PACK to: Inspire your creativity, jam along with, create some new backing tracks - It's up to you!

This pack contains 151 full drum tracks programmed by Western Australian Academy of Performing Arts (WAAPA) student composer James Paddock, for use in your own music productions.

They suit a range of styles, electronic, drum & bass, film scores and can be modified and used with any Digital Audio Workstation or digital drum package.

"Now bear in mind, this isn't just some cliched 4 bar pattern. It's the full drum arrangement behind each song: intro, chorus, bridge, fills, ending – the full works! You get odd time signatures, double bass drum patterns, orchestral percussion and more! Quite simply, this is a unique educational resource for songwriters – and to just jam along with if you want a snazzy electronic drummer (when yours fails to show up!). And because it's midi, you can use it with whatever drum sounds and kits that take your fancy! Plus, we will also send you a link to the corresponding video for the full track, so you can see how the drum pattern works with the original instruments."

Contents: 151 midi drum files.

Please read the accompanying EULA for terms of use. Thank you.

Product Testimonial:

"I download the How to Program Drums free midi drum tracks.

What I like: I find them very useful for programming drums in
interesting and slightly unpredictable ways in my productions. I
combine sections of them to drive NI Battery. The loops are tight
and high-quality, and full of interesting variations.

Suggestion for improvement: None at all. They're perfect as they are."

Richard Philpott

N.B. These midi drum tracks are available for free over 75 weeks when you subscribe to howtoprogramdrums.com at the link below:


P.S. Be sure to check out MEGA PACK No.2 - Another 60 drum tracks - now available here:


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